CJHS Counselor

Brysen Frey, Counselor


As the CJHS counselor I will provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program to address the academic, career, and personal/social needs of all students. The CJHS counseling program will align with all standards put forth in Texas Law HB 18. In unison with students, staff, parents and community members, school counselors will facilitate a positive, supportive, and culturally sensitive program to ensure the school community is a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for each individual student.


My name is Brysen Frey and I am your school counselor at CJHS. I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Humanities, I have my teaching certification, I am ESL certified, I earned a Masters Degree in Counseling, and I’m a certified counselor.

I am very excited to help your student achieve their academic, social, and personal goals. Please take some time to visit our new counselor's website, which has a variety of different resources for students and parents.

Columbus Junior High Counseling Program

New law states that each school model must conform to four components. These components are taken from the state supported Texas Model, and American School Counselors Association (ASCA) guidelines. Below are the four components, as well as how counselors meet these criteria, and how CJHS personalizes our approach to meet the unique needs of our student base:

Guidance Curriculum:

Counselors teach classroom lessons addressing basic life-long skills, identified as essential for academic and personal success.

  • CJHS has a social emotional learning (SEL) program to address skills that may not be taught in the classroom, but are essential to school and career success. Students will also have access to lessons taught by the counselor to help with mental health issues. Online communication with the counselor will be offered to discuss mental health in a confidential and safe environment.
  • This year we will be implementing the CharacterStrong curriculum to all of our students! This exciting Social Emotional Learning program will be administered every Monday during advisory.
  • CJHS has restructured its Response to Intervention (RTI) program as part of its comprehensive Multi-Tiered System of Supports that focuses on specific populations that have struggled in academic, behavioral, or social aspects of school. This approach helps our campus focus on the entire student, not just grades!

Responsive Services

  • Counselors assist students with an immediate personal concern, a crisis, or a problem that may be affecting their achievement at school
  • The counselor at CJHS has designed the "Cards Who Care" Google form that can be used for immediate communication in times of need or crisis.
  • The CJHS made a Basic Needs Resource List for students/parents to utilize in times of crisis and trauma.
  • Colorado County has The Wellness Council of Greater Colorado County that hosts a plethora of resources for many needs.
  • CJHS has received a generous donation of hygiene products to help students with basic necessities that may not be available at home. Thanks HEB-Columbus!
  • This year CJHS will have a brand new counseling center! This center will be available to all students, and will also be used for individual counseling, and targeted group counseling based on student need.


Individual Planning System:

  • Counselors help students to select appropriate courses, plan for transition (i.e., middle to high school or high school to college), and provide to students and parents information on careers and post secondary education and training.
  • In the counselor website, students are given a page with various career and post secondary educational resources. This website includes resources to Texas OnCourse, the premier application and site created by the University of Texas to introduce junior high students to the wide range of careers available in Texas.
  • The CJHS counselor has constructed a counseling program brochure highlighting the different ways to utilize the school counselor, and numerous resources students and parents have available.
  • The CJHS counselor has helped construct a course selection sheet that helps students choose from a variety of different options for their classes. This selection sheet also includes a QR code that directs individuals to the district approved Course Selection Guide, which is a description of all classes that can be selected by students on campus.


System Support

  • The school system includes many programs designed to support students. Counselors assist in the referral process of students to appropriate support programs and services provided within the school setting and to outside agencies. System support has two components:

  • Educating the staff about the Comprehensive Development Guidance and Counseling Program
  • Supporting the staff with professional development, consultation and assistance with community outreach

  • As the CJHS school counselor, I will make myself available to support students and provide numerous programs to promote success and growth.

  • The CJHS school counselor has constructed a new counseling website and various other multimedia resources to ensure students have access to counseling resources and access to the counselor, no matter their selected learning option.