Meet the Teacher

picture of the art classroom
Hello!  Allow me to introduce myself, I am Joyce Templeton.  I have been with the school district 15 years and have been in the Science Department most of that time.  My first year was in 7th grade science as well as the girls 7th grade basketball coach and track coach. After that year I asked to be moved to 5th grade science.  I wanted to spend more time with my two young daughters at the time as well as invest more time in the science program of our elementary.   I taught 5th grade science for 10 years and have seen many of your children move through my door.  I have been wanting a change for some time and when Art opened up I was blessed to be allowed to move back to the jr high to carry out this stage of my life.  I love being creative and opening kids eyes to what possible talent they all have.   My goal is to not only introduce them to art but to track their portfolio through technology.  I want them to trace the steps to get to their final project as well as the finished project.  If they continue in art then they will be able to add to their existing portfolio showing their growth and improvement.  Some colleges are also looking for art portfolios, so this will be a great way to get them started.  I am super pumped about this year and expect to see some wonderful art emerge from these kiddos.  I will try to post gallery pictures as the students start working on their projects so that you may join in the enjoyment of what these young students can accomplish.  
 6th, 7th, and 8th Art will all join the same Remind class for Art.  I will specify which grade level if it is for a particular one.  Thank  you.  

How do I join a Remind class?

You can join a class or school to receive Remind messages via text, email, or push notification (or any combination of these).

 Instructions for the English Version of Remind Art sign upThe Instructions to sign up for the Remind Art Templeton Group in Spanish
  It is my great hope for all of us to start collecting their work digitally through a site called Artsonia. As they finish their projects they will be taught how to upload their work to the site.  This lets me not only keep a running record of their work but it makes them try harder.   By you, the parent, accepting the rights, your child's artwork will not only be saved for their use, my use, public sharing of artwork with their credit given, you will also be able to buy products with their artwork on them with 20% returning to the Art department to buy art supplies.  They can also have family followers if you wish.  My thoughts for this is so that if they choose to continue in art in High School they will have already started a free online portfolio.  This will also help them as they decide what they want to do for college.  My daughter needed a portfolio to try for a few scholarships as well as to apply to a few out of state universities, and she didn't have one.  We spent a lot of time trying to gather and collect works of art for her to submit.  She is pursuing Architecture.  But your child may need one if they want to do anything in visual arts, digital arts, gaming, various design schools, etc.   
 Image of the Artsonia Banner on its website Here is the video explaining artsonia.  
For Parental Permission and ability to view the artwork click on the blue link below to sign up and verify 
The link above will take you to the Artsonia  webpage.  You can enter Columbus, TX and you will be able to see the students work that have given permission to be viewed.