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Columbus Junior High School - Riverside Campus

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Science 8 PreAP (Period 3)

Course Description

We begin Unit three on September the 19th.  All assignments will be on my class calendar which can be found on my homepage(go back).  The calendar link is on the lower right.
Pre-AP Science is recommended for high-achieving students.  There are two expectations associated with Pre-AP Science. The first is students can perform at rigorous academic levels.  Pre-AP students will be consistently challenged to expand their knowledge and skills to the next level.   Secondly, students will be ultimately responsible for their learning; therefore, they should be organized, prepared, and motivated to learn every day.  Pre-AP Science 8 is a laboratory-oriented course that continues the interdisciplinary approach to the life, Earth, and physical science disciplines begun in Science 6 and 7 grade Pre-AP courses.  Heavy emphasis will be placed on science processes and the relationship of fundamental science concepts to our daily lives.  Laboratory activities and/ or technology will be utilized to explore the following topics:  matter and energy; force, motion and energy; cycles within Sun, Earth, and Moon systems; characteristics of the universe; interactions between organisms in ecosystems; and the impact of man on the Earth.

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