Parent-Teacher Conference Info

Parent-Teacher Conferences are a valuable resource in the education of your child. During conferences, the teacher and parent/guardian have the opportunity to communicate valuable information that will help the student throughout their education. Parents, your active participation is essential! Working with your child’s teacher is one of the first steps in helping your child achieve academic success. Communication between home and school is one of the best ways to ensure that your child’s school experience is a successful one.
If you would like to meet with one of your child's teachers please email them directly or call the office at (979)732-2891 and leave a message for the teacher or teachers in question. 
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Advice for a constructive conference
Conferences offer an opportunity for you to find out how your children are getting along with classmates, how they are progressing in school and what you can do at home to build on strengths and overcome challenges. Parents will have scheduled conferences with elementary teachers. At the middle school and high school levels, time with each teacher will be brief, but parent participation is an important way you can show support and schedule an individual conference if needed. The following questions will help guide your teacher conference and (with some minor changes) can be used for students at all levels:
Before the conference
  • Decide what you want to ask the teacher and write the questions down.
  • Consider making a list for your child's teacher of things that will help create a better understanding of your child; for example, family conflicts, feelings about school, hobbies, special health problems.
  • Ask your child some questions: what's her favorite subject? what's her least favorite? what do you want me to tell your teacher?
  • Be on time. Write down the time of your appointment and arrive promptly. If you can't make the conference as scheduled, call and notify the teacher.
During the conference
  • If you have a specific point to discuss or have a complaint, listen to the teacher's point before criticizing.
  • The teacher may have some questions too -- not trying to pry into your personal life, but only to obtain information that will help her or him to work better with your child.
  • Before you leave develop an action plan. If need be, set up a way to check on your child's progress. You and the teacher can decide how best to stay in touch. Finally, follow through with the plan.