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Columbus Junior High School - Riverside Campus

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Junior High Band

Junior High Band Syllabus

Teachers: Mr. Straw and Ms. Robison

Course Description:

Junior High Band is the beginning of an exciting experience to learn about Music.  As a student, you will be given the opportunity to learn an instrument and perform both individually and as an ensemble.

Course Objectives:

You will be asked to practice your instrument in order to improve your skills and performance level.  This will give our Band program and your ensemble a greater chance of success.

Grading Policy:

You will be graded according to our policy here at the Junior High.  In Band you will have a weekly Major grade (40%), a minor grade (50%), and a participation grade (10%).  Your major grade will be assessed by having you play a required segment from the lessons given.  Your minor grade will be assessed by your daily practice record and preparedness for that lesson.  Finally your participation will be assessed daily as well but during class.  You must participate in class in order to receive credit.